• Chroma Key
  • Rotoscoping
  • Tracking
  • Animation Text

BCP my Business

BCP, the largest bank in Peru, engaged my services to craft a lighthearted introductory video for the unveiling of their novel website “Mi negocio BCP.” This platform facilitates the seamless conversion of Peruvian Soles into US Dollars, catering to user convenience.

“Require US Dollars for supplier payments? Facilitating currency exchange is now effortlessly achievable through the user-friendly Mi Negocio BCP website.”

In the scope of this assignment, the post-production endeavor encompassed the elimination of the individual responsible for manipulating the puppet (calculator), alongside the dynamic animation of textual content exhibited on the calculator’s screen.

This undertaking presented a substantial challenge, chiefly stemming from the necessity to eradicate shadows cast by the puppeteer (calculator operator) onto the floor, thus ensuring a pristine visual outcome. Moreover, instances arose wherein the puppeteer’s arm overlapped with certain minute segments of the puppet’s structure. To address these intricacies, I engaged in an extensive utilization of techniques including rotoscoping, chroma keying, tracking, and the meticulous animation of textual elements.


Photoshop and After Effects.