My role
  • Character Animation
  • Post Production
  • Lip Sync

Leo and Layla Thomas Edison

Working for animation agency InkanPaper, I were commissioned to create a series of an educational animated videos.

This animated production serves as an inspirational catalyst for young elementary students, urging them to ardently endeavor towards enhancing society through innovation and ingenuity. Within the narrative, they embark on a temporal journey, encountering the iconic figure of Thomas Edison, the illustrious inventor whose indomitable spirit transcended physical challenges to shape the course of history.

Within the scope of this undertaking, my responsibility entailed the animation of characters through the utilization of Adobe Character Animator.

Aligned with the script, the characters underwent vectorization within Adobe Illustrator, followed by meticulous segmentation into distinct layers, facilitating subsequent rigging procedures within Adobe Character Animator. This meticulous process facilitated the seamless execution of animation, encompassing lipsync synchronization and harmonious integration with the background compositions.

Illustrator, Character Animator & After Effects.