Movistar with Everything 2022

I was commissioned to produce this animated video for Movistar, the foremost telecommunications company in Peru.

The video served as a vehicle to showcase how Movistar’s novel strategy would enhance network services for consumers, with a specific emphasis on Fiber Optic infrastructure, coupled with exclusive content offerings across television and mobile telephony platforms.

The videos were crafted with an elegant and futuristic aesthetic, aligned with Movistar’s visionary approach. These visuals played a pivotal role in conveying the message. In the pursuit of progress, embracing the ethos of #ConTodo is imperative. This principle fuels our commitment to deliver the finest offerings, encompassing the latest in mobile telephony, exclusive television content, and the groundbreaking NEW Fiber Optic network.

Throughout this endeavor, I engaged in extensive rotoscoping, particularly addressing challenging shots through mask application. The meticulous task of tracking, facilitated by Mocha software, was executed for each screen element. In certain instances, the need arose to craft custom overlays using Photoshop, as the chroma from the screens significantly encroached upon the actors’ presence.


Photoshop & After Effects.