Pacífico University Wearables

How could I ever forget this video! It was among my initial projects. Universidad del Pacífico introduced us to wearable technology designed to enable deaf patients to sense music. The result was a fusion of music and dynamic animation.

Given that it was one of my early ventures into animation, I maintained a disciplined approach. For the entire video’s illustration, I extensively employed reference images and maintained continuous communication with my senior animator, who oversaw my progress periodically to ensure accuracy.

To animate the characters, I recorded myself dancing in order to utilize my own movements as references, subsequently applying them to the characters. As for animating the musical notes, regrettably, I wasn’t yet proficient in using trapcode particles at that time. Thus, I resolved the animation by employing opacity and movement.

This project stood as one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in fostering my career. It evoked tears of happiness, affirming that I had indeed chosen the path to which I would dedicate the rest of my life.

Software Utilizado:

Illustrator & After Effects.