• 3D Modeling
  • Trapcode Form Animation
  • Particular Animation
  • 3D Element Animation
  • Fooling
  • Art Direction
  • Logo Animation

Pragma Architects Reel

Pragma is an architecture firm established on June 12, 1981. The company’s policy and philosophy revolve around offering primarily architectural and engineering services. They create architectural solutions of the highest design caliber, integrating art, urbanism, avant-garde concepts, and technology into unique and iconic projects that hold significance within their respective environments.

As the inaugural collaborative endeavor, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Pragma Arquitectos team for the brand launch. I took charge of the 2D, 3D Animation, and Post-production Direction for this campaign. Among the various projects I’ve been involved in, this one was particularly fulfilling. Due to the absence of a sound engineer, I undertook the task of recording numerous sound effects. I’m pleased to state that the outcome achieved was indeed satisfactory.


Cinema 4D, Illustrator, 3D Element, Trapcode Form & After Effects.