• 3D Modeling
  • Morphing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Text Animation

SLA Video Intrigue

The SLA team recently enlisted my expertise to create an animated promotional video for the impending launch of their novel “Safe and Rapid Vehicle Reception upon Arrival at the Port” service. They required a concise animation that would effectively introduce their brand to prospective clientele. This video was intended for utilization on their website, various social media platforms, as well as during presentations and meetings.

They provided me with the script, storyboard, and artwork, which I subsequently brought to life through animation. The culmination of this effort yielded a video that, in a mere 25 seconds, adeptly introduced the SLA brand in an engaging and entertaining manner.

In the endeavor to promote their vehicle reception initiative, a strategic approach was adopted: 50% comprised of meticulously rendered 3D models, smoke, and associated elements, and the remaining 50% involved post-production work on the intrigue video. The paramount objective of this video was to impeccably demonstrate the process while ensuring zero damage.


Cinema 4D, Photoshop & After Effects.