Virtual Zoo Video Mapping

Taking nearly 3 months, with approximately 2 hours dedicated each day, this marked the second lengthiest project I’ve undertaken. It materialized as a video mapping endeavor, inviting the observer into an all-encompassing sensory experience – a convergence of visuals, sound, and light. This ritualistic display, adorned with intricate forest motifs and real-time generative audio, delves into themes of metamorphosis and the transient, forging a dynamic portal in perpetual flux through which the Ecosystem interlaces with our reality.

The projection was destined for a vast 20×8 meter screen.

This undertaking demanded an extensive process of experimentation and refinement to meet the client’s exacting standards. I harnessed a wealth of knowledge in particles, masks, VFX composition, and merged these facets with existing footage. Notably, each element’s animation was painstakingly synchronized with the rhythm of the music, cultivating tension to a point where viewers would sense adrenaline and electricity coursing through their entire beings.


Photoshop, Trapcode Form, Trapcode Particular & After Effects.